Spreading the Gospel All Over The World

Our Mission Partners Here and Around the World

SPCF http://www.southpacificchurchplanting.com

SPCF (South Pacific Christian Fellowship) dreams to ignite a passion for planting in people throughout Australia & New Zealand. They do this by planting as many healthy, biblically focused Christian Churches as they can; leading through transformational influence in the local communities and life- changing generational leadership development; and connecting with networks of like-minded churches and individuals to perpetuate the planting of more churches. We support Randy and Mikki Brooks.

Christian Student Fellowship (CSF) https://csfneb.org/

CSF exists to share the love, truth & purpose of Jesus Christ with college students...changing the world one life at a time. We reach out to students who grew up in the church, as well as those who are searching for answers to life's biggest questions. Through Bible studies, service projects, lunch tables and plenty of fun stuff, we simply want to meet students where they're at. We currently are active on campuses in Omaha, Lincoln, Kearney, Norfolk & Peru State.

Deaf Missions https://www.deafmissions.com

Deaf Missions exists for one purpose: To effectively communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ with deaf people. This statement merely focuses the Great Commission of Jesus, which is to preach the Gospel to all people, on a group of people who have generally been left out.

Midwest Christian Services http://www.midwestchristianservices.com

Midwest Christian Services is a unique residential program because of its Christian philosophy. MCS is a social statement of God's love. Through modeling, authentic love, nurturing and teaching, the Board and staff of Midwest Christian Services will provide an environment in which positive changes can be made and the journey to wholeness can begin.

Chaplaincy Endorsement Commission https://www.cec-chap.org

A commission formed to give encouragement and support to military chaplains from the Christian/ Church of Christ churches. Also gives encouragement and support to chaplains in hospitals, police, fire/ rescue, and pastoral counselors.

CMFI https://www.cmfi.org

Joshua and Ruth Barron serve on the CMF church planting (or “church catalyst”) team in Kenya, partnering with the CMF-planted churches which began among the Maasai and Turkana peoples. They accomplish this with Curriculum Development; Training of Teachers; Bible Training Institutes; Discipleship Training Schools; and Maa Bible Translation.

KontaktMission https://gokmusa.org

KontaktMission sends missionaries in partnership with churches around the world. Their missionaries plant churches and serve to build up the body of Christ. These churches and ministries multiply, starting more new churches and raising up more new missionaries to be sent.

Wildewood supports Mark and Corinne Wilson

LATM http://latm.info/Home.aspx

LATM (Literature and Teaching Ministries) collaborates with missionaries and national church leaders to provide culturally relevant, Christ-centered books in the heart languages of people throughout the world.

Livingstone University https://www.livingstoneuniversity.org

Livingstone offers courses that are valuable to African society, as well as spiritual guidance and instruction in Biblical principles. LIU is working to produce students that are ethical, to make the right decisions, employable, to provide for their families, and empowered to make a difference in Africa. Located in Uganda, Africa

Team Expansion https://teamexpansion.org

Born out of extraordinary prayer, Team Expansion partners with the global church to mobilize, train, and coach qualified workers in the implementation of the fruitful practices of church planting movements. Wildewood supports the Pagel's in Taiwan and the Vaughn's in Asia.


Jim and Teri Riley (and their family) have been serving in Honduras for several years. They planted a church in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and have been discipling Christians of all ages in that setting. They frequently have short term mission teams come alongside them for ministry.

Hands of Compassion

Hands of Compassion helps plant churches in Asia. Due to the sensitive nature of the mission work in some difficult places, we are unable to publish more information about this mission.